While this and some others in the collection are new blogs, even if ultimately old content will be ported here to consolidate my writing under one roof, some are old blogs, and it is no secret I’d neglected them for a while, nor is it a secret that we hosted link ads on some of them. Those are not much a function of traffic, though I’d love more of that, if only my heyday volume, as they are a function of search rank, in which some of the old blogs still do well. It’s pretty arbitrary, though, which get completely wiped off the map versus a modest to good rank.

Anyway, with recent changes to search, the company that partners on the ads has been reviewing sites with an eye to new standards. If they wouldn’t approve you if you signed up now, they take you “offline.” Any placements that exist remain until canceled, but nobody can buy more, you can’t change prices, etc. This happened with the ones we’d already had listed, under her name. We are already down to monthly revenue lower than it’s been since our first few months, and only 3-4 times expenses.

The newer places aren’t built up enough to list yet, but I am worried that I will not conform well enough with their specs even so. Not like we are content scrapers, but here I am, cross-posting, reposting old material, embedding videos, linking lots of stuff. The horrors! I am, however, posting regularly. Even on the one that seemed most absurd to lose I looked back and saw it had only a few posts in the past five months. And I am posting stuff I wrote, not just links or citations.

Will the buildup work? Maybe. I can’t guarantee it, though, and other sources of money from this blogging thing are less likely to be lucrative the same way or as soon. Eventually I’ll submit blogs not already in that program, and get them to review ones that have been revived, see if we can get more action. Some or all the new ones will go in my name. That was a bone of contention after a while, though it was the most practical arrangement. There was an unfortunate interval when attitudes toward credit for the efforts versus the income got in the way. I stopped caring about maintaining any content on them in part for that reason, so they went fallow.

In the meantime, I may step back my blog redevelopment slightly, as there are other things I am working on, and those can use focus too.

I’m working on a business, if only a matter of a bit of side money that’ll help bootstrap me. Toward that, I need to do something about my phone service, now that I have just completed a 2 year contract and am free. Free! The phone I have is just awful, completely unreliable, and I need to decide what I can and should get, with what provider, and whether I should have a 2nd line and with what lower end phone. I need business cards, which should wait until the phone thing is settled and all. I can always take old ones and write stuff on them, since it’s the same thing, just different details. I wasn’t so worried about the cards, but at the doctor’s office yesterday I met the #2 lawyer from the firm I used to work for, talked at length while we waited, and on being excited I was available for work on home computers again, was asked for a card. His computer guy moved away. Apart from everything else, there is always always work to do that contributes, like reorganizing my room/office, which was once only my office, but was always just about this crowded.

I’m working on (for still in the planning and notes phase values of working on) a book on my business experiences, and lessons one might take from us having done everything wrong even as I knew better in many cases. That should not take all that long, and will get offered as a low cost e-book, thus not the traditional publishing hoops, but some surprising revenue potential.

In short, the setback serves to provide focus. Yes, maybe on the blogging too, given that I may be able to get it partially back on track if I work at it and play my cards right. But also on other things, in case and besides, long run more important things. If this slows down you’ll know why.

What I really need is to allocate discrete time blocks each day. This hour to write the book. That two hours to peruse stuff online and blog. The other hour to business and tech skills development, or anything that supports it. That sort of thing. Leaving plenty of time for the kids.

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