Been thinking about writing a book about my personal experiences with a business, which would mainly be lessons in what not to do, and would include some tech and personal angles. It’s been on my mind a long time, but the 99 cent e-book publishing thing really grabbed me. I’ve been reviewing and organizing the material and memories involved, entirely in my head, and have one major concern at this point. Even though I intend not to use real names, and maybe to publish under a pen name such as this (which then begs the question of what about the “glory” of being able to claim credit under my own name, if only as a resume item), it’s possible there are things that may be unethical or even illegal that could reflect on those who might be all too easy to identify. At least some of that would be part and parcel of lessons I’d want readers to take away, so I’m not sure how much I could gloss over it. Of course, the entire thing is a risk in that, because it’s a stream of things gone or done wrong, it reflects badly on me and most of the people directly involved, to some degree or another.

Maybe I could fictionalize it, but that seems like an odd idea, and it almost may as well be fiction as it stands.

Chances are, nobody is going to care that much or look at it that hard after all this time, and perhaps as well I waited. But still, caveats and what-ifs can’t help but come to call.

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