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This is another in the series of posts explained/introduced here, on subsidiary blogs.  This is one of my more troubled ones.

Geek Practitioners spent a long time as the name for a business I was starting as a sole proprietorship that would overlap and likely replace for me my role in a partnership with a somewhat different focus.  I spent way too long agonizing about the name, the focus, what I would do, how I would do it, etc, and not enough time to plunging in and evangelizing it.  Something I find hard, which obviously wouldn’t help.  It would have a focus on home and smaller business clients, short duration work, and the agility to respond quickly both to those customers and to the major existing client of my existing business.  A quandary was that I was theoretically on call to that big client 7×24, on essentially no notice, expected to respond ASAP, but only expected to bill for actual work done.  We’d originally had an arrangement for a minimum per week, even if they had no work, amounting to 15 hours, which had the benefit of ensuring we tried to give them at least that per week, and were easy about smoothing over the flow of billed time week to week if we didn’t.  They may not have helped themselves by asking to eliminate the minimum early in our relationship.  But I digress.  They were too big and we were too small – in the end essentially me alone – to be able to service them and take on any other work of any size.  At the same time, the fact it was de facto me alone but not de jure me alone made me want to branch out to something that was all mine.  Thus the idea of chasing the smallest customers, being mobile, being able to respond to the big client from anywhere (most support being via e-mail responses, some via phone, not that much requiring physical presence, even without Terminal Server or other remote access), making it all fit.  Geek Practitioners was supposed to evoke a medical theme, shades of general practitioners.  Some people thought I shouldn’t use “geek” as part of a name, given the bad reputation it might conjure up due to others using the word in their name.  I agonized, liking it but not as much as I could have.  But then, I never liked the name XTreme Computing either.  It was decided even before I joined the gang launching the business.

Man this is long, but it’s background.

I grabbed the domain, naturally, and for once also grabbed the .net version as well as the .com, eventually deciding to use the .net as a blog associated with the business site.  Never really started a business site, but started a blog, porting some content I’d created at a technical blog I’d associated loosely with the old business, and making it my new place for that sort of writing.  Then I stopped.

I stopped being in the tech business.  I seemed to stop being interested.  I stopped having as much time or ability to write anyway, and it was hands-on that tended to give me content.

But I get ahead of myself slightly.  I came up with a slogan or phone answering line for Geek Practitioners the business: Welcome to help!  In short, I liked the slogan/catch phrase better than I liked the name, grabbed the domain, changed the name, and ran with that, rapidly getting business cards.  Amusingly, I went with exactly the same color scheme I had in mind, inspired by the medical practice concept and colors one might find scrubs in.  Ultimately I didn’t generate business with Welcome to Help, at least not that I wouldn’t have had anyway, didn’t have the wherewithal, time or interest to pursue it adequately, pretty much got disgusted and stopped bothering.  I’ve tossed around the idea of using that for some other service-oriented thing, like a directory of home-based businesses or people targeting home-based businesses or whatever.  Never did anything like that, and now am verging on taking it back, in a low key way, as an attempted income stream in a world without jobs for the long-term or older un- or under-employed.  But I digress in another direction.

You can see why the blog Geek Practitioners is bothersome.  In bringing back a blogging empire in this form, I feel the need for a tech/geek blog, yet that has an odd association, has crashed in rank and stayed there (not that failing to post helps that any), and isn’t a name I love anymore for a blog.  I don’t have an alternative name in mind, though.  Certainly none of the domains I am sitting on fits well.  The .com variant might be worth switching to, though I had yet another business idea for that, never pursued but neither have I forgotten it.

For now, I am tying it in here, calling it the geek blog for the right topics, seeing what happens.  If I have a bright idea or otherwise change my mind, what blog I use for this may change.  If you want that kind of stuff more than the firehose of posts here, Geek Practitioners is the one to check.

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