For a long time I published birthday posts, just a quick “happy birthday… to so and so” with maybe an age or a link thrown in, if known or relevant.  I know it had at least one big fan and I never got complaints.  Except from the ex, who finally told me she found it creepy, after I’d been doing it a long time.  I guess I can kind of see that, depending.  There were names that, if searched online, came up with first or only results as one or more birthday posts by me.  But hey, if they’re doing vanity searches, then they actually see that I wished them a happy birthday!

My vote is to resume those posts here.  So I will.  Not sure if I will crosspost them.  Perhaps they belong not on my personal blog or old family blog that is also about old blogs and blogging, but… on the fun culture and kids and whimsy blog?  Hmm…

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