Here’s another post about an associated blog, the concept of these having been explained in the first one.

Bizosphere started out as a great idea for a domain name, a takeoff on blogosphere, but of course with an orientation on business.  At the time, I had Carnival of the Capitalists administered from another domain, which was the successor to a static CotC page where guidelines and hosts could be listed.

I switched CotC administration to Bizosphere, but it was also supposed to be a business and economics site in its own right, shades of the old Businesspundit.  Then I never wrote much original content at Bizosphere.

And there lies a story, or something.  I mean, besides that I got heavily diverted from blogging not that long after CotC began, and such blogging as I did was more likely to be general or family-centric.  See, in my early days, naturally I was drawn to posts about business, sure, such was my background and an interest that ebbed and flowed from childhood onward.  I sometimes wrote about business, if mainly my own.  I had a particular affinity for Rob May and his Businesspundit blog, commenting regularly, most notably about Sears and if or how it could recover its historic glory, or at least a decent niche.

That led to Carnival of the Capitalists, for which I was a more than able administrator and fount of ideas, but for which I was also grateful because it forced me to read business content I might never have sought out, let alone found, on my own.  Apparently I wasn’t that interested.  I could read what others wrote and comment in brief, even not so brief, but nothing like full and original articles, on a huge variety of topics, sometimes esoteric to the max, and do the short form and administration brilliantly.  In particular, after going out of business and struggling myself, it was as if I went on strike.  Which, hey, I kind of did, toward the world of remunerative work.  When I interviewed for a management job where I work part time – a job I could not have accepted but felt obliged to pursue – one of the questions (all astonishingly difficult, complex, or unexpected for the nature of the job and pay grade) – they asked what I had read in a business publication recently that I was able to apply toward my job.  I suspect the question may have been entirely because my real name is connected in an easy to find, even an experientially touted  way, to CotC and an attendant interest in business and writing about same.  I had no answer for that.  As opposed to another question I had no answer for because they were asking what I’d do about a problem at the facility that I see as not at all a problem.  Well, I had an answer, which was just that: diversity is not a problem here.  But I digress.  And in retrospect I could have brought up the matter of bulies, which had been a problem.  Just not a matter of diversity, as such.

These days I find myself more interested in business, if only the bane of crony capitalism that some folk mistake for actual capitalism, and the idea that in the current political climate going Galt may be for the best all around.  I just keep no actually posting, and this is something the catch-all blog to bind them all is supposed to help resolve.  Besides, it’s not like I need post daily on that or any given topic.  A great post in a month on business would be an improvement.

So there I went with confessions again.  Was I ever that into business blogging at all?  Oh my!  Still, Bizosphere is business blogging.  I’d thought about making it an aggregator of some sort, which would really amount to a giant, well-commented or excerpted CotC.  For now I expect it to be more about true posts, or links but not vast numbers about which I have something longer to say than appropriate to CotC.  I’d also been inclined, besides business and economics, to cover jobs and job hunting and the world of work, which fuzzes things a bit between business and personal.  Call it personal perspectives on the world of business being just as much business.  What is business, after all, if not us?

If this is the main thing you’d want to see from me, rather than the firehose I expect this place to be, Bizosphere is the place to focus on.

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