This is Going to Be Interesting

As promised, I just started the presumably slow process of reposting content from earlier blogs, starting with my first and third posts from my first blog. The second of those touched on one of my pet topics, the need to be “in the zone” for certain types of work, a need I perhaps have even more than some others do.

That one post could get me typing at length, revisiting the topic, addressing its compatibility with marriage and kids, discussing what happened with the former business, etc. It goes to the heart of what happened to the proverbial “us,” and of course that’s a topic I will try to avoid here as much as possible. It doesn’t seem possible for me to say my version of what happened, what made me unhappy, why I gave up, without giving offense, eliciting disbelief and disagreement of exactly the sort I tried to avoid, which avoidance also meant doom.

It also goes to blogging and my love of writing, which I do best while zoning, and thus have done less. Not a road to satisfaction. It also goes directly to a post I didn’t write some days ago when I experienced a burst of insight, which affected my outlook positively. Again, though, a post that could offend, and not merely the ex and sometime co-blogger. Then anything that gets into the relationship could get extensive treatment, like how you can be best friends to this day, yet go so terribly awry. And if you’re that close, and you talk and talk and talk when placed in a room together, compatible on most things, how is it you just can’t talk about things that might be discordant? But I digress, as ever.

Heck, that gets into a post I’d had in mind regarding the very matter of what I can or can’t, will or won’t, should or shouldn’t write. We had an incident three years back in which a locally newsworthy event happened that was close to the family, for which I not only got in trouble for writing about, but caused a reaction that made me fear for our safety, something which has not entirely subsided. Pissing off the ex for being open and honest is the least of my worries, apparently.

Anyway, that’s enough metablogging for now. But hey, at least I’m posting! This was supposed to take the place of multiple Facebook updates a day, after all, most of which are slice of life I baked bread my back hurts look what the kids did now items. I haven’t plowed way in because I like it all just so first… categories and blogrolls and themes, oh my. Having done part of that, here we are, and I’ll pick at it, add categories as I post – a disadvantage of posting with an offline tool – try to remember to post the links to interesting things I fnd and bookmark, sometimes several a day, that sort of thing. Writing begets writing, or that’s the theory.

Which, coming full circle, brings me back to the old business, and the longstanding but newly exciting to me idea of writing a cautionary business book about it. While trying not to anger the world?

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