The reposts from my “original blog” will probably all be from my second blog, with the oldest of them being reposts from the original to the second.  However, I didn’t port over everything, so there may be content missed.  Probably not important.  Thing is, I can’t go get it from the original, because it is on Blogspot and the archives can’t be accessed.  I never updated the theme after they changed things, and that seems to have broken it.  Until and unless I figure out how, after all this time, to log back on and change it, it will stay that way.

Then again, I must have been able to access it in the past 3 years, since there are things there added since then.  A link to my newer business that went nowhere, for instance, and an ad for Deb’s Etsy shop and link to our book shop.  A good project, one of these days.

In the meantime, any posts I bring over from there will have come via the successor blog.

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