In The Zone

I run a small tech business, where we do pretty much everything. Despite having set out to do software development, we also build and repair computers, provide technical support (primarily to law firms), act as an outsourced IT department, and pretty much whatever will keep us going. My partners hold down day jobs and work on a law firm software product we expect to release this year. I wear many hats and try to keep things rolling. One of my jobs is to do the bookkeeping and taxes. This is natural, since I have an accounting degree and am the most business-oriented.

Which brings me to an observation I’ve made by having a foot in both worlds. Programmers will recognize the need to get in “the zone” to work most productively. Books such as Rapid Development by Steve McConnell ( talk about this concept, and the factors that promote and hinder it. I have found that I achieve a similar state doing accounting and bookkeeping work, and that it makes a similarly dramatic difference.

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