Twitter Updates for 2010-11-09

  • @robmay You’re lucky. Your kid didn’t give you any gray hair first! #
  • I keep clicking links in tweets that go to pages with unclickable URLS as the sole text of the post. WTF? I don’t follow those. #
  • @samablog Reading that everything is harder in Boston article I did a double-take because I read “Samo” as “Sama” 1st time I saw it. #
  • @samablog Shocking! Oddly enough, not as vital to margin of left than in some states, but I guess that means they ARE prepared. #
  • Considering changing FiOS plan. Got sales call at perfect time. Had us, then added $9.99 for set top box… #
  • Sales guy didn’t grasp that we were right on camel’s straw edge of can/will pay for extra. #
  • So instead of adding TV to FiOS for a wee bit more, may strip to just internet, albeit higher speed. #
  • Main reason for home phone line is to give creditors a number to call and leave fruitless messages. We could go cell-only. & broadcast TV. #
  • @samablog Some time ago I adopted my father’s adjective for Pelosi: Certifiable. #

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