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While this place has been rather fallow, between my not tweeting and the feed from Twitter failing to work properly for a while, I’ve been working on new blogs. Not sure what will happen to this, which never had much focus. It’s generating a wee bit of revenue on the joint ad enterprise with my ex, which makes it not to be removed completely, but doesn’t make it a big focus either. It could have been my new general personal blog, but I missed that boat.

Digression aside, and besides that I do plan to post at some of the existing blogs more than I’ve been doing, there are two new blogs I would like to note.

One is The Frugal Guy Cook, which supersedes and expands upon the ill-fated Married Guy Cook. It’s food and cooking, yes, but also shopping, saving, practicality, plus coping with allergies and catering to kids.

The other is Divine Hamster, which took me until today to grok the focus of fully. I’d thought of making it an everything personal blog, or just a parenting and kids blog, or a fun and culture blog. There will be some of that – even a lot of parts of that. However, it’s going to be personal for me in that it will double as a place to remember the past, my childhood and things that may not even exist any more, while also covering what is current or classic that is associated with or part of the memories of my own kids. Memories and times past meet current culture and memories being made. Seems like I nostalgia blogged a lot in the past, so that should be easy. Stay tuned…

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