Twitter Updates for 2009-10-23

  • Local Job Fair: Middleboro Town Hall, Tuesday October 27 (soon!), 8:30 AM to Noon. Light refreshments served. #
  • Wonder if it’d be wrong to take kids to job fair so I don’t have to be even later by schlepping them around. Make it a charm offensive! #
  • @MikeG1 Emergent emergency… I like it! I mean, phrasing, not having them. #
  • RT @dmataconis Question To Nancy Pelosi: Where In The Constitution Is ObamaCare Authorized ? A: Are You Serious ? #
  • @dmataconis I’ve had trouble deciding where I stand, but basically pipes are pipes and you pay to access them at X bandwidth… #
  • @dmataconis So should it matter to the pipe provider WHAT you are flowing through it as part of that, whether a lot is Google or video? #
  • @dmataconis Neutrality says no, bandwidth is bandwidth, you pay, you get it. Tiering says hey X is onerous to us pay more if using X. #
  • @dmataconis Or something like that. #
  • @dmataconis Let them do biz & use property as they like says tier as the market will bear, enforced neutrality is regulatory overreach. #
  • Now there’s a redundant phrase: regulatory overreach. Anyway, I’d expect tiering not to fly in a *competitive* market anyway. #
  • @dmataconis Yep. Thing is, Google, Amazon… they buy massive bandwidth to connect themselves efficiently to the tubes… #
  • @dmataconis We buy bandwidth to be able to SEE Amazon and Google. Carriers get paid on both ends. Pricing shouldn’t need regulating… #
  • @dmataconis But having been paid to be carrier, the carriers shouldn’t then complain about what people are doing with capacity they sold. #
  • @dmataconis I always thought it was insane that each piddly town got to choose ONE cable company when cable rolled out. Still hangover from #
  • @dmataconic that nonsense carrying over into the age of cable companies also being ISPs. There’s competition, but less than might be. #
  • I find it bizarre that Verizon has to negotiate with each town before rolling out FiOS, and town has a say over what TV part is offered. #
  • @dmataconis Yes, they should. Resistance is partly because they traditionally haven’t, much like barn door on paid news site content. #
  • Back to work! Haven’t tweeted this much in ages. #

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