Twitter Updates for 2009-06-24

  • T-Mobile service lapses are starting to irritate me. #
  • @robmay That was exactly what I said when I saw that link in my morning e-mail. But then, I always though Reich was an idiot. #
  • @adriadc You’re not? You sure used to be! #
  • Didn’t hear back from Michelle, Mom can’t leave Grandma overnight. She’s asking cousin’s GF to help us out with babysitting. Maybe I will… #
  • Check with my sister even before hearing back. Deb will probably be home Friday, so it’s 2 nights. #
  • In midst of errands centerred on getting truck home. Kids impatient. #
  • @shurakai Bea aid you have to file a whatchavallit’ which makes sense if you figure dor has to take direction not do deciding. #
  • Continuing to be dismayed by T-Mobile connec-zzzp no carrier. #

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