Twitter Updates for 2009-06-23

  • That was an adventure. Wasn’t expecting the place she was in to be same building as Children’s Hospital. Comedy of errors over visitation. #
  • 99 Restaurant was awesome and kids were as close to perfect as can be expected. They were sports about long ride. #
  • Kids didn’t get to see their mother. I wasn’t clear they’d be unable. She wasn’t clear I was bringing them. #
  • @Shurakai Well, she’ll just have to move back home then, if you’re supporting her. :> #
  • @Shurakai Speaking of your kids, wonder if it’d be beyond possible to have the other daughter stay on couch 2-3 nights so I can go to work. #
  • @AttilaGirl #
  • Funny, called into work yesterday AM so don’t have to go, woke at what would have been last minute to be there on time, no alarm. #
  • Wow, took until just now, but work did call to check on me. Said let them know, regarding later in the week. #
  • Remembered this AM on waking that Deb also had asked for a few other items, like shampoo. Oops! Surprised she didn’t mention it after. #
  • Firefox has started staying alive as a process on Vista machine, so FF won’t start next time until I end process from task list. #
  • Way too much to do. Really need to start. #
  • Plan was to be a whirlwind of action: dishes, cleaning, laundry, bureaucracy, still need shopping, arranging babysitting, etc etc… #
  • If I can’t get someone to crash here overnight so I can work from 3 – 7 AM or so, what the hell will I do about, say, 8 AM – 5 PM or so? #
  • I can so understand the temptation that’d lead a parent to leave the kids alone. Hey, they’re in bed, it’s night! But no. #
  • Just had to Google to find out who the f are “Jon and Kate” as I had no clue. #
  • Person 1 asked to stay over so I can go to work Wed, thru possibly Fri nights. Next an e-mail, then see what kids are up to, work on house. #
  • Important e-mail done. Natives sound restless. #
  • @drjjoyner #

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