Twitter Updates for 2009-06-22

  • Deb is in hospital 1 – 3 days. Have to call work tomorrow, get Tues off, arrange to pick up her truck, ton of other stuff. #
  • Deb ought to get to finish the book she’s reading. Not allowed to have her cell phone or her knitting & crochet stuff, but can have book. #
  • #cotc Carnival of the Capitalists for 6/22/09: #
  • @Shurakai That’s ridiculous. Maybe they are basing it on a default age thing rather than facts on the ground or as agreed between you? #
  • @Shurakai Since IIRC the default now assumes 4 year college/age of 22. Which still doesn’t mean 3 more years… But emancipation should rule #
  • Can I get us all dressed, get package at PO, get to bank 20+ mins away by 3:00? I have an hour, total. Then a run to store follows. #
  • In Waltham killing time by going to the 99 seeking cheap and beat, preferably. #
  • Have to give kudos to 99 in waltham so far for their great staff and handling allergy questions. #

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