Twitter Updates for 2009-06-19

  • About as dead on my feet as I’ve ever felt upon getting out of bed in the morning. Must slam down at least 2 coffees. #
  • This fits my perception rents have dropped, having eyed them lately in prep for moving sometime: #
  • Deb had assumed as foreclosures went crazy that rents would rise in response to people being added to the pool of those who rent. #
  • Which made sense, though I wasn’t sure that’d be the case but couldn’t have given a logical reason why. Assumed she was right. #
  • Writing documents describing each of the three businesses we claimed on taxes, as required by Massachusetts doing a desk audit. Exciting! #
  • I love the part about having to supply a client list. For Deb’s I just pointed them to to see what it is, etc. #

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