Twitter Updates for 2009-06-15

  • Looks like Twitter Tools created AND published a CotC post… Including 2 weeks of tweets. Sigh… #
  • #cotc Carnival of the Capitalists for 6/15/09: #
  • @chucksimmins ROFL! #
  • It’s cute seeing Valerie be old enough to appreciate the song Valleri by the Monkees. #
  • Kids didn’t watch avidly end to end, but seemed to like original Escape to Witch Mountain. Sadie asked me to play it again when it ended. #
  • Yay! Got rogue T-Mobile bill corrected from 168.53 to 111.27, within $3 of what I’d expect. Someone goofed. Hope it can be paid tomorrow… #
  • That one has to be from money I don’t control. Next one maybe I can get out of the part of my pay that doesn’t go to rent. #
  • And I went through regular channels, but welcome @TMobile_USA to Twitter. #
  • What Mexican Food Are You? – – You Are Chips and Salsa #blogthings #
  • What’s Your Gift? – – Your Gift is Sensitivity #blogthings (Thinking I already took this, with different result.) #
  • Like it or not, time to get dressed and drag kids to store. Maybe takeout but don’t think I can justify the $ for that. #
  • Better to get something cool to cook after we get home. #
  • @dasgrafik Better than being a psyched lone ranger? #
  • Chinatown is better, but Hong Kong Taste seems OK and is notably lower in price. Could have fed 4 for $12 w/no leftovers. #

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