Twitter Updates for 2009-06-14

  • Shoot, just remembered it’s Sunday and I haven’t touched CotC yet. #
  • @listener42 Awesome enough that I noticed it in places like that, definitely. #
  • @phillymac How’s that name thing going? For some reason the other day I though Gregory (Greg) sounded good. #
  • @phillymac So she liked Xavier too, eh? Long as it’s not Xavier Charles? The only Y middle I could think of was Yosef, but XYZ FTW. #
  • Anyway, can walk through living room now, most of toys I picked up are staying away, need to finish what got swept into kitchen. #
  • Which fits great with supper finishing. Fish fillets and potato puffs and maybe some peas.Fish is a good mom not here food. #
  • She’s actually going to be home next around 11:30 PM tomorrow. Avoided it today, but will have to run to store with kids tomorrow. #

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