Twitter Updates for 2009-06-13

  • Hate having chest congestion this painful. #
  • Apparently the something going around work has stopped being casual about afflicting me. #
  • Oh well, off to bed before the children explode. #
  • Another exciting 4 hours of sleep starts in a moment! Ooh… #
  • So that’s about 19.5 hours for the week, I believe highest since I started here. #
  • If it were that every week I could cover my half the rent and everything else I must pay without relying on anything in her name. #
  • Well, must pay not counting my first grand a month should go to debt. Have to factor that into any notion of required income. #
  • Can’t stay awake! If not for kids, I’d have slept nonstop since 7 AM. Like that’s what one of the cold symptoms is, beyond normal sleepy. #
  • @ErikReagan @dasgrafik Thanks! I’d sort of glanced at segments in poking around, but hadn’t put it together. I’ll try that today. #
  • Managed to get “marshe” on Facebook. #
  • Automatically thought of jaysolo first, as that’s been everything else, but if I’m pointedly collapsing identities… #
  • @sharone75 That made me think “Pokemon party.” #
  • Expression Engine recognizes that (segment_1) is a valid expression, as it’s supposed to be built in, but treats it as if it’s null, empty. #
  • @ernieattorney The hundreds of acres of woods surrounding my house, 1/3 of a mile from the nearest other house. I’ll always miss it. #
  • Since I don’t know precisely what segment_1 will contain so I know what to put after ==, I was trying to return the value. #
  • Ah! Segments are for the parts after base of URL? That’s no help. #
  • And it appears to treat the root as not the domain, but the gyrations that come after. Definitely not gonna do it, unless by negative. #
  • That is, if segment_1 is nothing then it’s the home page. Hmmm… #
  • Yes! {if segment_1 == “”} will show something only on home page without the …index.php/weblog/… crap that’s for posts & categories. #
  • Just watched Stardust with kids. Liked it a lot. Not what I’d planned to do! #

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