Twitter Updates for 2009-06-11

  • The girls seem to like birch beer. They’ve not to date been soda drinkers, except a little grape, the only other flavor they found okay. #
  • Should have been to bed earlier but oh well. Feel truncated by outing, fun as it was. #
  • My Mike radar is broken. Used to feel it when he was there. Last time I thought so, he wasn’t, this time the opposite. #
  • It was a bit like my speed trap intuition. It WAS trying to tell me but wasn’t gut level and ignored the thoughts. #
  • My body appears to be intent on finally dropping below my low to date. For those just joining us, that was 233, down from 308. #
  • Today was trying to claim 231 well after getting home from work and pigging out, though some of time it said 233 – 234 instead. #
  • Augh #

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