Twitter Updates for 2009-06-09

  • Yesterday someone calls me by name. Sadie says “His name is Dad! Remember that.” #
  • Couldn’t see screen when I was taking them, but got some amazing pics of kids at beach, and more today at playground. Been too few lately. #
  • Really hate the burning neighbors. All of them in waft range. #
  • Not that it may be the only reason for sore throat, but doesn’t help. #
  • Insomnia rocks! Um… not. #
  • 4+ hours every day would start to add up. Better not to get injured in the process though. #
  • #cotc Carnival of the Capitalists for 6/8/09: #
  • Now there’s a problem: I can’t read the bill I have to call T-Mobile about. Maybe I should call for eye exam while it’s foremost in mind. #
  • Total should be about $108, including new Blackberry, not $163. Looks like servuice change on 3/23 actually happened 4/22. And other dates! #
  • T-Mobile was clearly very confused. One of the mistakes was $6 charge for web access on canceled line, no other charges for said line. #
  • Tried T-Mobile’s online support form, ran out of field characters, didn’t get to point out their odd wrong-date cancellation as aside. #
  • @sharone75 Maybe I can wander by tomorrow. I am going to attempt to take Sadie to see Up and/or go grocery shopping. #
  • Darn, Wareham is only showing Up in 3D. Looks like Kingston is only 2D. 1st movie in theater for Sadie, why complicate it? And add cost. #
  • Kingston WAS 2nd choice, has earlier showing, 12:45, and is otherwise convenient. #

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