Twitter Updates for 2009-06-08

  • It was an awesome day, except for Val’s total breakdown tantrum on waking in car after we got home, made worse by boy next door being there. #
  • Need to do some CotC tweets so I’d better do those before I even go take Henry out of tub or I’m sunk. #
  • @Shurakai This totally didn’t come to the Blackberry as it should have, so didn’t see it to relay the hi to Nic. #
  • @Shurakai You came up though, in comparing experiences. #
  • I had fun with kids, everyone loved them and thought they were Cutest Ever, but not much of a visit with friends, like two groups separate. #
  • That is, it was me and kids, my friends, and a sort of minimal connection. It WAS nice to have a safe, adult-laden place I could relax some. #
  • Usually it’s me and the kids, period. If other adults, strangers, if other places, not kid-friendly or whatever you’d call the distinction. #
  • @Pistachio “Just let it shine, within your mind, and show you the colors that are real.” #
  • I forgot exactly one thing: bathing suit for me, to put on something for wading, since I own no short. Pants rolled up nicely, I’m so thin. #
  • Everyone should sleep tonight! Then massive backlog to do tomorrow. #
  • @pixxiespaz Yeah, was afraid it was something like that. #
  • Having trouble sleeping. Maybe now that I’ve eaten and unscratched my throat. Looks like I am not alone… #
  • Trying bedtime again. Val seems to be having same problem. #
  • Augh! Twitter Tools will NOT create a CotC post today! #
  • Heh. Looking through old baby pics at AV found Heliumtology and found I was only Google hit for it. #
  • What’s Your Gift? – – Your Gift is Imagination #blogthings #
  • Time to round up kids and paychecks, get out the door to bank, maybe store, maybe pay landlord, maybe let them hit playground. Rain coming. #
  • One stop down. Funny, I’ve come to think of it as mr and kids and expect to have them with me automatically. #
  • It’ll be weird being entirely fee of that, and off as I don’t mind so much except for extent. #
  • Free of, not fee of. #
  • Being home is so traumatic maybe I should setup a tent at a playground and stay there. But then they’d lose their cups and minds there. #
  • Still no sign of Twitter Tools creating a post on the new blog. Assume if I wait long enough it’ll do it a day or 2 after scheduled. #
  • Henry wants to climb on me and nap. Val hasn’t had a drink and I apparently have to dismantle the place to find the cup she had earlier. #
  • Kids are funny. #

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