Twitter Updates for 2009-06-07

  • Seems like huge gulf in cheap optical mouse quality vs better ones vs even the cheap mechanical mice. #
  • Woke before normal alarm, just as well since I’d not turned it off. #
  • Now if I can actually fall back asleep… #
  • Not recommended to run out of wipes on day kid has runs on day you’re taking them to someone’s house on beach for get-together. #
  • Had thought “I’ll grab a pack at the store on the way” but mental image somehow lacked doing so with 3 kids in tow for quick in and out. #
  • Maybe I should text their mother and she might be able to pick some up on way home if she’ll be here before we leave. Assume she will. #
  • Sigh… the boy needs changing again. At least he seems happy and not sick. #
  • Oops. Was going to make sure I took camera for 1st ever beach trip. Deb came home, went to bed, it’s in her room. #
  • Got the camera! She came out for a minute and I asked about it. Now just have to remember to bring it. And have to moving! #
  • Got through most of backlog of pans, making for less work when we get home, so that’s good. #
  • Henry is sitting here studying and comparing side by side the VGA connectors of 2 monitors sitting on my floor. #
  • Frustrated they won’t plug together. Yes, he’s our child who goes around unplugging things and wants to electrocute himself. #
  • Maps and directions printed, and oh man am I late! #
  • @sharone75 Nicole’s family’s vacation house on water in Sagamore Beach. It’s her annual visit from Oregon. Worked out for us just go there. #
  • Val thinks the ocean is the best thing ever. #
  • @pixxiespaz He finally had enough and is turning the family in? #

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