Twitter Updates for 2009-06-06

  • @phillymac Yep. Girls are easier. FWIW Stanley was other boy name we considered, after a great uncle of mine. Deb wasn’t keen, rightly so. #
  • At least, Stanley sounded odd for a little boy these days, if just fine several decades ago. #
  • Work schedule moved up to 3 AM + written up for day I was 1/2 hr late + her date night = serious pins & needles whether I’ll be on time. #
  • Not only do kids play musical sleeping spots, thus my crowding out, but also one of them later followed me to office floor. #
  • Where she risks being woken by me now as I hang out then get ready for work. #
  • Well that was interesting. #
  • @TWalk No, I don’t expect to be able to retire. I will if I can, eventually, but can’t imagine “doing nothing” so it’d be just a variant. #
  • RT @twalk Sorry to bring up a heavy-ish topic, but want to poll the crowd: do you expect to be able to retire, ever? Will you? #
  • Now way I can get to bank on time, but I should still take a shower while I have a hope of doing so… #
  • Otherwise it’s time to start posting CotC tweets. #
  • @phillymac Forgot to suggest Zephram as a name! Boy name or not, we’ve sometimes called Sadie Rose “Zephram Rose” instead. #
  • @phillymac And hey, ZZ would be tops! #
  • @phillymac Zephram? Really?? How funny! Or the whole ZZ thing, like Zachary, Zane, Zebidiah, Zander, etc? #
  • @phillymac Maybe Xavier Yoseph, then? That’d get initial interest. #
  • @shartlen I’ve always liked peach cobbler, but never heard of a recipe that takes shoes. #
  • It was 4:00 a few minutes ago! How did it get to be 5:25? I’d actually held off starting supper because it was too early. Now it’s late. #
  • But at least it was tasty. Even if rigatoni with red sauce and chicken was not what’s I’d intended to make. #
  • I seriously hate optical mice. Just for the record. #

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