Twitter Updates for 2009-06-05

  • @phillymac I have a nephew named Tristan. I’ll have to think about names. Maybe play with Name Voyager! Or not, since it won’t display… #
  • Kids have been on autopilot while I dozed off. Feeling the sleep deprivation hard this morning, even to point of stuff like numbness. #
  • In one of the sleep snippets just had crazy dream in which I ignored 2 of 3 colleagues who were goofing off, worked harder myself, then… #
  • got in trouble for not adequately supervising them, having not known I’d been promoted to being in charge merely be being responsible. #
  • Wow, I got followfridayed twice! And from topnotch sources. After making fun of that meme last week, to boot. #
  • Need to clean kitchen, feed kids, play Candyland with Sadie if at all possible before she bursts. #
  • It just took 8 hot dogs to feed the 3 kids lunch. Grow much? #
  • @sharone75 Would you settle for a hoodie with “saint” printed on it? #
  • @GautamGhosh Isn’t that uncanny? Feels like there could have been no other for the role, and being able to do the film required he exist. #
  • @TWalk That’s seriously useful usage advice people can utilize. #
  • Right, it’s my father’s birthday. Happy birthday dad! #
  • Enough goofing off! Dishes aren’t washing themselves, and need to be done before supper. #
  • @LilacSusan That’s wild! My old stereo had one, and it was the only part that never stopped working. last used it early 90s. #
  • @LilacSusan POS system co I worked for in 1993 still supported not that old, popular model that used 8-tracks for data. Pioneering at time. #
  • Need to find something egg & dairy free to make with 1.5 pints blueberries the kids won’t eat standalone as they normally do. And really? #
  • The particular berries aren’t as good as we’ve been getting in the overpriced, out of season 4 oz packages. #
  • @Shurakai Kenny? #
  • @Shurakai And yeah, I have been experiencing similar lately, more virtually, and have had similar happen in the past. #
  • Ran late even thinking about supper, so kinds wanting ham steaks was perfect, fast and easy. #

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