Twitter Updates for 2009-06-04

  • Just remembering I have to be up extra early in time to check alarms as I get in bed with Henry the bedhog. #
  • Looking further at Google preview of Boundaries in Marriage, recommended to me but didn’t get to library yet, and dead-ending on details… #
  • like one-sidedness, extreme difficulty saying no/applying limits/handling negative response, and not to mention the lateness of the advice. #
  • Obviously it can be generalized, and prime parts of text aren’t previewed where in might answer some, but not clear what it does for me NOW. #
  • @abigvictory Before it creates a tweengularity and we implode beyond escape. #
  • Breakfast at work wasn’t quite what I’d expected, being Walmart-powered rather than, say, Dunkin-powered. Packaged cheese danish FTW though. #
  • The Jungle Test – – You Are Imaginative #blogthings #
  • The book quote I tweeted last week can no longer be found in Google book preview, so glad I noted it. Wanted to discuss it today. #
  • What Season Do You Feel Like? – – You Feel Like Winter #blogthings #
  • @sharone75 Cool! I don’t mind, if I haven’t gotten hold of a copy yet. In some ways it’s not relevant, as there has to be a marriage… #
  • @sharone75 But obviously in many ways it’s generic advice or good for future or residual matters reference. Have others I want to read too. #
  • Kids are mothing me, right as I have to hurry and shower and be ready to go. #
  • Feels like counseling is getting down to bedrock now. #
  • And wow, work is now 3 am until further notice. #
  • Guess I’ll work on the new CotC site a bit more, including deploying Twitter Tools, so it’s ready in time and I can move on. #
  • Just amused the girls by demonstrating what Val actually *hears* and introducing them to “Charlie Brown teacher speak.” Mwahp mwah wahp wah. #
  • I brought home on sale burger. It’s cool enough that Deb decided to make egg-free meatloaf of it. Holy crap it smells good! #
  • I can do one tastily enough, but meatloaf was always one of her specialties. I volunteered to do the potatoes. Gonna eat early. #

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