Twitter Updates for 2009-06-03

  • Deb made fantastic chicken broccoli alfredo, in one of the turns she’s been taking at cooking. Usually on a day off. Was rough, after work. #
  • Day is over already. Never got a shower so have to jump in now. It’s already bedtime. #
  • Got about 1.5 hrs sleep because Henry was having fits. My guess is gas/stomach issue or general sick. Like me. #
  • Easy for one to forget that sometimes restless but mostly easy kid can turn inconsolable and need THAT much attention/unsleep for it. #
  • Silver lining to kid getting agitated/sick earlier is he’s drugged enough to be less likely to crash laid night activities. #
  • Christmas is coming? We had 7 full trailers today. That’s like Christmas seasonal volume! Not all from a couple bulk shipments, either. odd. #
  • @twalk #twalk?? #
  • @phillymac I understand stuffing them down your pants works well. Though perhaps that’s only at the national archives. #
  • Since I got no sleep, I can’t stay awake, but when I laid down the kids clustered around me howling and, literally, hurting me. Delightful. #
  • @jsbelfiore Don’t I remember you telling that one, oh, about 15 years or so ago? Not that it really gets old… #
  • There will be no sleep in my future, so I am trying more caffeine. #
  • Imported posts to, just finished deleting extraneous ones. It imported pages too, which’ll be another cleanup. #
  • Looks like we’re all trouping to the barber for haircuts for me and Henry, then running them around Halifax playground before they burst. #
  • At the barber, wher they have cool toys so kids consider it a choice destination. #
  • At playground going it holds off raining hard for a few. Henry took this haircut better. #

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