Twitter Updates for 2009-06-02

  • Feels weird going to bed in daylight but it means 5 hours.sleep ad opposed to way too little. #
  • Intrigued how many women tell me I’m an awesome dad and will have no prob funding someone good. #
  • Even ones who barely know me and judge by stuff like pictures of us. #
  • Funding? That’s *finding* someone good. These are all completely unsolicited comments. And yeah, no longer in bed. #
  • After the others fell asleep, Val got in on other side of me, leaving me no room. Let her fall asleep, even dozed slightly, then got up. #
  • Ideally having her in the bed will keep Henry happy, and I can lay down in here, uncrowded. We’ll see. #
  • @FroynLaven Really need a full keyboard phone again, but I agree: typo of the year. #
  • Back to sleep deprivation mode. At least the first day of it isn’t so bad. #
  • Working on and that particular transition. #
  • @abigvictory And which three you are positive about changes daily? #
  • It is simply not possible to do thinking/creative work when a kid wants to get in your lap or needs something every few minutes. Period. #
  • One word problem: Childcare. Woulda coulda shoulda solution: Boundaries. Egregious solution: Separation. But still… #
  • Woulda made more sense for the one whose job was childcare to do that but with well-bounded “has a life too” than earner to do childcare. #
  • Oh well. Learn something new every marriage. #
  • And never mind the thinking/creative parts. Use of hands is, well, handy. But since that’s resolved for a few I should back to it. #
  • On that note he returned, whining and babbling to get on me. Ah, and there’s crying from elsewhere. Oops, and a distinct odor. Sigh… #
  • No word on that job yet. Probably won’t be. It’s not 1994 anymore. #
  • If Sadie is going to use words like “technique” casually and correctly in speaking, it’s *really* time for her to learn to read. #
  • @ScottAllen Laundry room would rock! Same thing I’d do in a house design. #
  • @Pistachio Sounds like a new Sierra Mist commercial. #
  • Wow! NY Times page is offering in sidebar to e-mail me updates to (google tells me I’ve noted this before), ancient! #
  • That was my second e-mail address ever at an ISP I was paying for myself. #
  • Technically I had addresses at,, and before that. #
  • That’s done. Now the baby, and what was I doing next? Um… #
  • Was going to say it was odd looking at pics with kids, showing them when they were babies, and seeing how much better both Deb & I look now. #
  • @ScottAllen Thanks! #
  • @sarahk47 Been wondering what to do about eggless mayo for the boy. #

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