Twitter Updates for 2009-06-01

  • Got my default new blogs installed and most e-mail accounts for them setup, then just remembered CotC. Oops. #
  • @CotC #
  • People seem to think CotC is all about investing & personal financial advice, so MOST entries not appropriate even when they’re about money. #
  • Trouble with catching up sleep is barely feel like going to bed well past time. #
  • Can’t sleep. #
  • @dmataconis Good money after bad rocks? It’d be wasted building, say, space infrastructure? Nationalizing GM beats building bridges & roads? #
  • I can’t believe I now live in a country that runs things like car companies instead of leaving well enough alone. #
  • @sharone75 What about the saints who aren’t in heaven? Oh wait… #
  • @robmay Charlatans!? There are charlatans online? Who knew! #
  • @phillymac Make a big noise playing with our tweets gonna take on the world some day. #
  • Finally feeling sleepy. Left new domains hanging unable to turn of hotlink protection for them on hosting even though it’s off. #
  • Claims an error on line X of .htaccess and leaves me in limbo, but looking directly at the file, it’s correct. Duh. #
  • Also, paying attention to table prefix option would have saved me some MySQL database instances in the past. Retrofittable? Hmmm… #
  • Or since it’s midnight I could stay up longer and remove ads that just expired! Darn those PR reductions… #
  • #cotc Carnival of the Capitalists for 6/1/09: #
  • Fell prey to creating my first Facebook quiz. Now it’s back to work. Ad stuff, cleaning, paperwork, calls, stress relief is good. #
  • RT @isfullofcrap The DJIA is losing stocks like a refrigerator door covered with alphabet magnets that’s been slammed closed. #
  • Sounds like a house full of kids, not cats. Speaking of which, youngest is about old enough we could get some letter magnets again soon… #
  • What Pet Are You Like? – – You Are Like a Cat #blogthings #
  • High finance is done! At least the couple hours work is for yawn money over months, not just what came in today. #
  • Never imagined I’d be required to do ponytails for my daughters. Logical, but still funny. #
  • Not a surprise to see it appears someone already did a variant of a business idea i have brewing. #
  • Thinking that if Sadie is going to walk around quoting Star Wars, I ought to play it for her. #
  • Speaking of which, Sadie has declared her intent to go to her first theater movie with me. Apparently heard us discuss her readiness for it. #
  • @BeththePQ Hey, that doesn’t usually stop me! Easy to forget sometimes, but things do tend to work out. #
  • Kind of wish I’d not put CotC on hiatus before & brought it back after business & economics became THE thing EVERYONE blogged about. #
  • Showing Sadie how to draw a winged hamster. #
  • One of which may or may not feature at once it’s an actual active site. #
  • So I think I just agreed to take Sadie to see Up. Maybe not until next week, depending on haircut conflicting, either Kingston or Wareham. #
  • With preparation and a good movie, 96 minutes may be short enough. Throw in sparsely attended matinee and we’re good. #
  • Paperwork work seems to be the single hardest kind for me to get done around here. Starting with complete lack of a spot for it. #

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