Twitter Updates for 2009-05-31

  • FWIW one of my favorite reviewers gave UP 4 stars, one of best of year (vs he thought Wall-E was one of best ever… #
  • Deb saw UP, loved it, said bring tissues. Saw Wall-E same night, says hard to compare the two, so different, both good. #
  • So I have 3 movies queued to see, no time and little money to do so. Ugh. #
  • Kind of late to bed but all should sleep soundly and its night off for me. #
  • Glad I’m this sleepy and will get right back to bed. #
  • Grand total about 9 hours sleep. Yay! #
  • It’s fun to be covered by MassHealth and get a $2500 bill for blood tests “your insurance rejected.” Go communism! #
  • @phillymac Poor Sarek. #
  • @plumcrzy I always find it interesting that he was that way all along, yet was nothing career-wise, really, before Idol. #
  • Doing site backups and setting up some new stuff. #
  • Oh, and switching over to #cotc to get all that looked at and tweeted because, hello, it’s already Sunday. #
  • And either this or the next CotC will be the official first at the new location, though I intend to migrate a copy of past stuff. #
  • Apparently my body has decided it needs a normal amount of sleep and WILL make up for it on weekends AND with unplanned naps. 2+ hours. #
  • @dmataconis I think of him as LBJ. Now being followed & built on by Wilson Nixon-Carter. Latter doesn’t make former any better. #
  • @listener42 A scene straight out of my house! #
  • I didn’t surf myself for CotC this week so I fear it’ll be light, as most entries are spammy or crap or off-topic. Will run out of time. #
  • Continuing blog setups while wondering what to serve for supper. Obvious answer: leftover fried rice. Duh. #
  • Pork fried rice and grape tomatoes very well received by kids. I’m eating leftover cauliflower. #

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