Twitter Updates for 2009-05-30

  • Sad about having to go to bed. REALLY need to run dishwasher but it ain’t gonna happen. Trying to figure alarm strategy so I wake. #
  • 1:40 quiet alarm woke me. Dismissed. Never heard the LOUD 2:10 alarm. Woke 12 minutes before work, which is minimum driving time if ready. #
  • Henry wants me to put him to bed NOW so here I go. Val’s already asleep, for that matter. #
  • Heh. Just set alarm to play ode to joy tune. When it goes off at 1:42 AM. #
  • Don’t expect to be woken by Val crying. Looking for mom, finding she wasn’t here. No idea what woke her but she’s back in her spot. #
  • Back to bed! Have a whole other hour of sleep possible, after all. Can’t blow it. #
  • Poor kid sitting up absolutely wife awake watching popeye. At least She’s not actively sad. #
  • Oh well. At least I won’t sleep through work. Kids are awfully restless. May not bode well for mom when she is home to sleep while I work. #
  • At least, presumably she’ll be home… Hasn’t failed me yet. #
  • Val still awake. Changed videos for her. She was excited I made coffee. Texted Deb to warn her she has an insomniac looking for her. #
  • Note to self: Quantum leakage. #
  • @phillymac A cowardly lie in? A lie in king? Can’t hide your lie in eyes? #
  • Need to work on CotC today. And a bunch of other crap. Also saw a job last night to apply for, even mostly qualified, 45k, in my town. #
  • Wondering what might be better than WordPress for a directory/listing-like site deployed relatively easily not coded from scratch myself. #
  • Can’t believe I just drew a hamster with wings and a halo. Almost plausible, except it looks too cat-like. #
  • Val has been having a tantrum almost nonstop since she got up. I’ve stopped it a few minutes a few times but then she resumes. Getting old. #
  • Well, that’s resolved. Knew she needed to eat. She is hypersensitive to sugar crashes or hunger or whatever. Doesn’t grok her own needs. #
  • @ScottAllen I think you have to be female to understand it. #
  • @abigvictory Don’t they do that to everyone? In which case, how can it be TMI? #
  • Oh right! I just updated resume. then managed to sidetrack before e-mailing it. In fact, fired up e-mail to do so, read, replied, forgot. #
  • Resume and enTHUsiastic* e-mail sent regarding tech support job right in Middleboro. * Was thinking of @phillymac as I wrote it. #
  • @Shurakai The job listing on web site says 40-70k, vs Craigslist saying 45k. And site has manager job at 80k, but I’m borderline for entry. #
  • Have to get past no CS degree, minimal Linux experience, minimal backup/recovery experience. #
  • Yet vastly more experience in general than required even for the management job, let alone the support jobs. Under 10 minute commute. #
  • Do not pass Go. Go directly to taking Sadie outside. Or she will Just Diiiie. #
  • @shartlen “Do these contents make me look fat?” #
  • @phillymac Did Twitter change to Facebook while I wasn’t looking? #
  • Biking consisted of Val coasting downhill and spilling, sadie pushing hers around and sitting on it. #
  • At carver playground #
  • Henry loves the tall steep slide, now that he’s awake. #
  • Wondering what my best food option may be from here, not sure I want mcdonalds or all the way to middleboro bk. #
  • Beginning to hate boy next door being in our yard to play when we get home after 4 hours already sucked from my day. #

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