Twitter Updates for 2009-05-29

  • I’ve been ready to collapse to sleep for 3 hours. Better do so before I become wakeful. Plus there’s only time for 4.5 hours sleep now. #
  • Seem to have started sleeping deeply, no apparent reason, so I was almost 1/2 hr late for work. #
  • @phillymac Install high wattage bulbs!!!!!!!! #
  • How about #fallowfriday, in which everyone tweets less, especially if it means shedding some #memes. #
  • This was supposed to be a nicer day, not actively rainy. So much for “you can ride bikes tomorrow” last night. #
  • Fell asleep this morning for a while, for kids pummeling me values of sleep. Can barely stay awake still. It almost feels like I’m sick. #
  • More coffee probably a good idea. Start early supper. Do some cleaning. Have stuff I wanted to post but need to move a bit for back’s sake. #
  • @ScottAllen Mine always comes out younger on those. Red meat is good for you. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. #
  • A recipe that calls for turmeric? Never used mine, finally gave it to my sister when she needed. Should get more sometime for completeness. #
  • Experimenting with pork in oven with Chinese-inspired rather than barbecue coating, to go with fried rice. Need to use cauliflower so… #
  • Was wondering about possibility of frying it to be different. Cruising recipes online to see what the variants are. #
  • @marshellis Impressed with recommended book just from a few pages of preview what are boundaries. #
  • My exact problem to solve: “she did not experience herself as a free agent. It never occurred to her that she had the freedom to respond,… #
  • … to make choices, to limit the ways his behavior affected her. She felt that she was a victim of whatever he did or did not do.” #
  • I’ll have to find the actual book. I can gloss over the religious aspects. Wisdom is wisdom. #
  • Anyway, back to cleaning the kitchen. Kids thought carpeting the floor with construction paper was a great idea. #

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