Twitter Updates for 2009-05-28

  • @sarahk47 I think of 1/4 acre as a tiny postage stamp of a lot, almost like being in a city on top of your neighbors. #
  • @phillymac Unless you’re in the soda business, in which case you’d want to move that pop. #
  • Better shower before I fall asleep and miss my appointment. Well, as if kids would allow that much sleep. #
  • @robmay Thus ended capitalism? That’s so 2 weeks ago! (Was so amused I put it in CotC after I saw it linked.) #
  • Are You Thin Skinned or Thick Skinned? – – You Are Thin-Skinned #blogthings #
  • Right, I brewed more coffee! And need pain killers, since I took none in the last 15 hours. #
  • Helps when IDE cable is seated properly. And when you reseat it, it seats properly and doesn’t fail to be apparent in its looseness. #
  • Guess it’s my turn to wait for someone being late. #
  • Just noticed my mother rd my call this am. Oops. #
  • Sadie got a new bike! Red. Helmet is blue. Taking her and Henry outside while Deb takes Val to store for her turn. #
  • Didn’t realize concept of pedaling would be hard to teach. She tends to put on brakes. #
  • She is having trouble looking ahead and steering too. Had same spill same spot twice. Helmet no help for hands. #
  • Ironic to have the helmet bonk Sadie on the head after being taken off of her. On top of her neck being pinched when it was unbuckled. #
  • Val got a 16″ bike like Sadie’s, but purple/themed, and she picked an adorable pink helmet with pandas #
  • Sadie’s blue helmet has spiders, and would go well with her Spiderman shirt, which is one of her favorites. #
  • Ready for bed! Instead need to clear living room enough for pedaling practice. then return to working on kitchen. And put meat in freezer! #
  • Got meat for today and yesterday, then Deb cooked yesterday, bought BK today (and a Star Trek glass for me!), so it was moot. #
  • We added 3 Klingon ships to our collection, joining the Kelvin, shuttle, and 2 Enterprises. Sadie still wants a guy with a blue shirt. #

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