Twitter Updates for 2009-05-27

  • People setting off loud bright fireworks outside bedroom window as I try to settle in for my 4 hours sleep. Yay. #
  • Apparently I am not alone in dismay for loud explosions by my house late at night. Woke¬£r and heard next door telling at them. #
  • That is, *yelling* at them. They have something that makes firecrackers sound like fingers snapping. Sound sleep? Gone. #
  • The neighbors keep making me glad I’ll be moving, but bothered I’ll be leaving ,y kids here. And sad I’ll be in same basic area, presumably. #
  • @ScottAllen Your “firing” description sounds like me! #
  • @CotC #
  • Feel like I may be sleepy enough to fall back asleep. Plus the chair is hurting my back so best get out of it. Sad alarm rings in 90 mins. #
  • Going to bed. Again. Changing alarms to give extex half hour potentially. #
  • That felt like more sleep than it was, but still way too brief. #
  • Deb should be home any minute. Logically went to the mountain, given the opportunity. #
  • Coffee must be done brewing. Hungry but afraid to eat anything. #
  • @chucksimmins Portugal is not Hispanic. #
  • @phillymac Crushing what? Spirits? Egos? Hopes and dreams? Orange? #
  • @sarahk47 You are Whipping Inflation Now? Cool! Because, you know, we’re really gonna need that soon. #
  • Have side of old PC, checking it out, it’s running currently, but power supply is loud. Purged dust. Sure it’s video and prob power too. #
  • Ah, it just shut off on me with no provocation. Let’s try that power supply now. Clearly reproduces easily enough to test. #
  • Also need to find a serial mouse for Sadie’s machine. #
  • When the fuck did we start making power supplies with TWO standard connectors that are USELESS in any machine I own??? #
  • Seriously, I can’t even use it. Not unless I spelunk through my odd crap and find a couple of Y connector extensions. Outrageous. #
  • Glad I organized all that stuff at one point, had 2 Y connectors, and had them in easy reach. #
  • @phillymac I still like the orange part. I think the Waponis were onto something. #
  • @Shurakai You say that like it’s a bad thing. Seriously, though, do need to improve that situation. And not by cheap power supply next time. #
  • So far so good, except it’s not seeing the 2nd hard drive. #
  • @Shurakai Yes, and I need to peruse it again. Ended up more than I was sort of targeting, and IIRC had no sound card. #
  • Computer seems fine, but it’s not recognizing the big secondary drive with mass amounts of stuff stored on it. #
  • Probably the Y connector has a bad end. #
  • Deb made tasty pasta with red sauce and burger for supper. All the frozen chicken was suspect in a freezer burned not thawing right way. #
  • Thus change of plans from alfredo. #
  • Not the power. Maybe jumpers need reseating or if they’re on cable select need to be made explicit. #

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