Twitter Updates for 2009-05-26

  • @plumcrzy You say that like it’s a bad thing… #
  • @phillymac Makes scents to me. #
  • Sadie had 4 servings of my dairy-free mashed potatoes. And a lot of ginger soy glazed pork chop (which she kept calling beef, but hey). #
  • On another note, how did we produce offspring who are sports loving social butterflies? Henry is dying to play basketball. #
  • Bedtime schedule slippage will kill me tomorrow night when I am back to work. #
  • Sleep is good. #
  • Mmm… Sleep. #
  • Now THAT is OCD: #
  • The Watercolor Test – – You Are Highly Colorful #blogthings #
  • Trying to get a handle on what I am getting done today, merging what’s priority/deadline with what dovetails well. #
  • I’d be happier if kids weren’t mothing me when I need to tear into this room. #
  • Wonder if it’s worth keeping my Ryobi cordless drill with dead battery, trying to replace just that, or getting new one someday. #
  • Have the kids engaged in an indoor ballgame. Clever. #
  • I think I prefer Deb having earlier hours. Feel like my day starts at 2 and ends at 5 this way. #
  • Kids today had their first exposure to freezer pops or whatever you call flavored sugar water frozen in plastic tubes. They are in bath now. #
  • Amazed descrip of Ryobi cordless drill says a charge will drive 235 screws. Mine wouldn’t have done that when battery was still good. #
  • Looking forward to a fresh (relatively) start. Guess I’m like a Windows 2000 machine that’s on its 6th year of up time. Like reboot already. #
  • @CaseySoftware The real fun will be when the new owners of GM & Chrysler have trouble selling new bonds. #
  • Finally looked at the actual desk audit notice, and that’s exactly what it is – an attempt to be sure the EIC is valid. #
  • Annoying but not end of the world kind of stuff. There’s not a lot they could argue with. #
  • Doing so stuff with domain hosting so that’s ready to go. #
  • Uh-oh. My old computer is failing to boot, after its usual abrupt power off due to intense graphics processing. #
  • Weirdly acts like power supply in part, graphics card/driver in part. Guess it’ll get to try out the new power supply ASAP. #
  • @drjjoyner Isn’t that something you herniate, if you’re unfortunate enough? #
  • Wonder what I ate or contracted yesterday. #
  • Sure don’t feel like cooking for the kids, and hope it’s clear by time I have to work at 3:30 AM. #

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