Twitter Updates for 2009-05-25

  • Trying to figure out if good Scrabble, Parcheesi, Clue, and Battleship are all Deb’s. The last is the only one definite is hers. #
  • Even if I weren’t packing anything, I’d need to continue the project of not removing stuff in this tiny room that isn’t mine. #
  • It’s rough having the kids come insist it’s time for bed. #
  • Sleep is good. And I’ve been pushed out of bed, besides being wakeful of my own accord. #
  • @robmay Don’t plan to go back to the other, memorialized so someone would stop looking at it against her better sense, and to help me stop. #
  • @robmay And I was having trouble using both for slightly different purposes, so being me but more civil here has to do. #
  • @robmay Because if you don’t say what you think or what happened, you don’t think it, it never happened, and some live happily ever after. #
  • Well that sucks: #
  • I’m not religious, but having your church burn down? Doh! #
  • And no parade as a result: And the main drag closed! Good thing it’s a holiday. #
  • I love the “silent ugh” part:
    FWIW legal name is Middleborough for state. #
  • What Type of Transportation Are You? – – You Are A Car #blogthings #
  • #cotc Carnival of the Capitalists for 5/25/09: #
  • @robmay Well, ultimately it IS fantasy/SF in nature. #
  • Wondering if and where restrooms are at Pierce St. playground area… #
  • @robmay Can you imagine if we really had a clause saying govt couldn’t interfere with commerce? #
  • @robmay But that’d be interpreted to mean you could OWN commerce, but regulating it & limiting types you could have would be allowed… #
  • @robmay Ah, yes, absolutely! Too inhuman. #
  • I haven’t read Atlas again lately because I can’t see the font. But that’s curtailed my reading in general. Glasses. Soon! #
  • Sadie is funny, making stroller for 2 into stroller for 3. #
  • Mysterious red van on way to playground had some kid waving to us. #
  • Henry is so scary and requires constant supervision. #
  • The girls could have hung out on the stroller right in our own yard. That’s all they want to do. #
  • Who needs a parade when you have a burned church and all it entails to spectate from the town hall lawn. #
  • Made it home. Where not next door lay in wait. Letting Henry sleep a bit in stroller so not made for 3. #
  • @DomainingCom Domain Masterfully – <– win $1,000 #
  • A second cousin heard from on our way home. #
  • @caltechgirl I always loved creamsicles! #
  • Feel like I just blew my whole day entertaining the kids, now have to cook and give baths. Feel ready to drop despite enough sleep. #
  • @caltechgirl Red? That’s just wrong. #

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