Twitter Updates for 2009-05-24

  • Suddenly dead tired. Was late with supper, then insisted on everyone bathing and getting clean hair and teeth. Silly kids. #
  • Val requires conditioner now, which adds to the excitement. OTOH Sadie is on verge of being fully self-cleaning. #
  • @phillymac Perhaps it wandered off with the gander? #
  • @phillymac Or preferred the company of two all beef patties? #
  • Speaking of which, why name a cow Bessie or Elsie when you can call her Patty? #
  • Sigh… Dishes. Then bed. After drugs for the back. Poor Henry crashed on floor by my chair, didn’t quite make it. #
  • Yay. Getting audited by the MA DOR. Apparently they hate giving the earned income credit. At least if you have various business income. #
  • @Shurakai Shouldn’t be *that* bad. Kind of annoying though. #
  • CD drive on computer I gave Sadie won’t open. Yay. Also? Hate to have given it because it’s a treasure trove of old data. #
  • For instance, e-mail from 1998/1999, early documentation of the old business, etc. Some of which carried to other machines but… #
  • EVERY time I sit down in office, 3 kids invade and hang around me being loud and/or distracting. And they bring toys. Then leave them here. #
  • That is, my bedroom. Which needs to be mucked out enough to have a bed. #
  • Worse having them here today as I moved stuff into reach they shouldn’t touch. getting at old computers and parts. Coffee gone. Work now. #
  • #twitterfilms Tweetless in Seattle #
  • #twitterfilms Tweet Free #
  • #twitterfilms A Hard Days Tweet #
  • #twitterfilms The Endless Twitter, When Harry Met Twitter (poor Sally had no chance), You’ve Got Tweets (but at least there was Tom Hanks). #
  • Mucking out my room. #
  • Who knew furniture could be a metaphor. #
  • #twitterfilms Next Stop Twitterland, Tweet It Like Beckham, Planet of the Tweets, Tweet Story, There’s Something About Twitter #
  • #twitterfilms Tweetblade, Tweet Runner, Tweet Monkeys, While You Were Tweeting, The Babytwitter, Beautiful Tweets #
  • #twitterfilms Joe Versus the Twitterstream, A Twitter Runs Through It, Tweet Fishing #
  • Contemplating with bad intent my 1989, 1990 and 1991 Writer’s Market books that are presumably a bit dated, yet bulky. #
  • Love the autofollow by keyword thing. Makes me want to say something like movies TV furniture landscape patio grill food monkey sex toys. #
  • Just to see who follows randomly. #
  • Wonder if @michellefino will miss the #twitterfilms meme entirely. Seems appropriate for her. #
  • #twitterfilms M. Night Twitmalan collection: The Twitter Sense, Retweetable, Tweets, The Tweetage, Tweet in the Water, The Tweetup. #
  • You know, if you live on Nantucket, it must give whole new meaning to being told “you da man!” #
  • @robmay Sure they do! Just less ubiquitously. I love that word. Ubiquitous. It’s everywhere. #
  • #twitterfilms Free Failwhale, Fast Tweets at Ridgemont High, Dazed and Twittered, Romancing the Tweet, Followers of the Tweet #
  • It’s adorable of Henry to nap himself on floor by my desk, but now he’s in the way. #
  • Just taught Sadie to say “Scooby Doo and Tyler too.” Surely I’m guilty of history abuse. #
  • Henry woke up, so the room is free now. And it’s supper time. They want hot dogs. Why do I bother being fancy like ever? #
  • I never make potato salad, but wondered a while ago about possibility of doing so egg-free. Seems wrong, no mayo, but hey. #
  • #twitterfilms Tweet of a Nation, Twitropolis, The Twitter of Oz, Caddytweet, Follower House, Tweeting Angry Men (or Twelve Angry Tweets?) #
  • Wondering if I’ll survive Valerie’s childhood. #
  • @Shurakai Maybe puberty will mellow her and she’ll scream less. #
  • Wish I’d gotten more done today. Wish I didn’t feel like it was bedtime already after 10 hours sleep last night. Even if half of it was bad. #
  • Apparently it’s party time. Can’t breathe, from the smoke coming in the necessarily open windows. #

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