Twitter Updates for 2009-05-23

  • Finding it hard to do some dishes when it’s past bedtime and weird evening. #
  • Seems sad to set 2nd alarm for 2 AM. #
  • Managed to wake before the alarms, partly because Henry was restless. Somehow got out of there without him waking though. #
  • So I had to leave early yesterday & told mgr there were carts to empty by door 6 & stuff staged to go on an additional cart, standard proc. #
  • They *failed to notice* most of the stuff I’d had to leave *in the normal location* and actually started releasing drivers before doing so. #
  • Not sure what was unclear about “trailers are empty, there’s a cart for each belt and stuff that didn’t fit staged for belt 2, I have to go” #
  • Oh well. Guess I’ll have to be specific next time. #
  • Glad I got out before 7 this AM anyway. Turns out there were only TWO days I needed to be home early for Deb cover for manager’s vacation. #
  • @Shurakai is a dry rube a gullible hick who doesn’t drink? #
  • Contemplating giving Sadie my old p200 but sound card in it is sb gold with stereo speaker jacks, not standard. #
  • Forgot the old computer I turned over to Sadie had my old copy of Illustrator installed. Kind of tough to use, but still cool for her. #
  • Put in a CT4520 and sound works, but not in the couple games available. We’ll see what it does with Magic School Bus. #

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