Twitter Updates for 2009-05-22

  • Poor Henry heard my alarm better than I did. #
  • They were sad when I had to leave, clocking out at 7:06. But I left it in good shape, just minutes work left to clear up. #
  • Tomorrow we’re really shorthanded and start at 3:15 instead of 3:30. Guessing I’ll cover again for the guy who was out today. #
  • I’m SO good at it, they’d replace him with me if he wouldn’t be beyond outraged. Not sure what job they’d assign him to instead. #
  • I’m pleased with the complement. It’s cool because there’s logistics involved, holding in your head what is happening & needs to happen. #
  • To be efficient, be in the right place at the right time, and not get backed up or overwhelmed. There’s also an accuracy & logic factor. #
  • @Shurakai Didn’t realize there was typo and thought you were maligning Hannaford. That’s RIBS, not runs. Heh. Wish I had a grill. #
  • Forgot this weekend was Memorial Day. I have Tuesday morning off, which is cool but hope the rest of it runs long to recoup pay. #
  • @phillymac Karamu? I never had figured out what they were saying there, nor was I interested enough to look it up. #
  • Two kids are up. Impressively late sleep. #
  • THIS is too funny: #
  • Remarkably hard to stay awake today. In fact, didn’t for a while. Useful, that. #
  • @FroynLaven Ooh, I don’t usually get retweeted. Followed a link to #WolframAlpha and the #montypython thing came to mind as a question. #
  • Fantasy as a literary genre is cool, but I wonder can we handle 4 years of magical thinking here in Realityland. #
  • @sarahk47 Besides, “A is A” is much more concise. #
  • Darn, had to reject a good workorder because I have the kids *and* don’t carry computer parts. Maybe 2 hrs = 2 days pay at my job. Oh well. #
  • Availability matters. #
  • Anyway, gotta get ready to get the twerps out of the house as promised. #
  • I’ll be mortified to bring kids in this Wendy’s again. And Henry was thirsty to have drank so little punch. #
  • Brought kids to west side playground just in time for 3 friendly kids same ages to be arriving. #
  • Didn’t get kids back in house before not next door came over to play zealously with them. #

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