Twitter Updates for 2009-05-20

  • @robmay Thinking of you a while ago because was having imagined talk with counselor RE Joe vs the Volcano & mental clarity, thus Meg Ryan. #
  • The “brain cloud” thing still amuses me. #
  • There’s a lot to be said for the kids wanting to go to bed so badly they drag me along. #
  • @Shurakai Excellent movie! Joe Versus the Volcano. Hanks, Ryan as 3 characters, and amusing appearance by Abe Vigoda. #
  • We start at 3:30 from now on. If this is what volume will be like, good thing. #
  • @danabrit It’s usually not. #
  • @phillymac Apogee? Didn’t they used to make computer games? #
  • @Shurakai Yep! Hanks is a depressed hypochondriac. Goes to dr who tells him he has a “brain cloud,” limited time to live. Hijinks ensue. #
  • Kids have no respect for naps. #
  • @jaygarmon That’s only if you forgot to have it as the greatest of all possible breakfasts. Mmm… pizza. #
  • There went one of my tooth hole stitches, answering the question of whether they’d fall out themselves and how long it’d take. #
  • Kids would love go to playground, and I already fed them lunch. Perhaps I should let my lack of motivation take me in that direction. #
  • Though my better half was also threatening such a thing, or the idea of all of us going. So far she is catching up on sleep, hello, day off. #
  • Wondering where Val learned to call people “butthead.” #
  • Damn, Life was canceled! I mean the show, not mine. #
  • @jaycaruso Guess I’m not smart enough to start a separate instance of Firefox if there is reason to do that rather than another tab. #
  • Starting to wonder if Deb is OK, but it’s possible, even probable, she got little sleep while I was at work on top of rough night to then. #
  • And she’s fine! I’m relieved. Sleep IS good. #
  • Just told Sadie being surreptitious means you like maple. #
  • #weconnectwednesday Tweeting my LinkedIn profile:, seek work, feel free to connect: marshe at #
  • @OneFineJay @seanhackbarth Deb got me a bottle of Mt Dew Throwback and it was great. Thought it seemed crisper, taste test may be needed. #
  • Need to get ready to go. Maybe I’ll do some CotC tweets first. #
  • @phillymac I’d say you’re welcome, but, um… I missed the boat. Maybe next grand. #
  • Time to get out the door to post office, maybe library, Stop & Shop. Impressed library is open until 8. #
  • Have kids at pierce playground. Happy kids. #

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