Twitter Updates for 2009-05-19

  • Monday night is party night on the 3rd floor, above us. Yay. #
  • @phillymac Scary indeed! #
  • #tdg Call it 6/9 complete. Living room partial, but did a bedroom, on top of bonus bathroom, plus back to dishpan zero after supper. #
  • Count much? #tdg 7/9 done enough. #
  • Should look for my old watch. Have to leave work at 7 if we run later, could use that in my pocket to keep eye on time. #
  • First some coffee! #
  • And 39 degrees? Sheesh! #
  • @phillymac At first glance I read that as “I am forgoing WORK this morning” and wondered what walking at lunch had to do with that. #
  • Very successful 1st day of getting out of work by about 7:00 while Deb is department manager for the week & working earlier shift. #
  • It’s crazy there, but I have no doubt she’ll show them how it’s done. Sad it’s so awkward building her career vs what I need to do. #
  • I love morning kid hug time. #
  • CotC stuff tweeted. Trying to find some gumption beyond that. No shortage of stuff to do! #
  • Need to analyze what I need to do on a larger scale so I can select what to put on a list that might actually fit in a day. #
  • Also? Need to decide on supper. Sadie wants homemade fries, but if I make shredded beef I’d serve with rice. Or on rolls I don’t have. Hmm. #
  • There’s a whole new class of misspellings, you know, in the form of nonsense words phones make when interpretive text fails unnoticed. #
  • “Kids these days! They sure make ’em like they used to.” #
  • Henry made up for being up since 5:30 by napping. I did with him, in part. Val was PROUD that she made that hard, ultimately truncated it. #
  • @pixxiespaz That was one of the ones I got cheap at Job Lot when my supply ran out. Not sure the cheap brand is always as good but… #
  • Finished living room, moved furniture, folded laundry, organized some stuff. That scratches the surface. Crockpot shredded beef underway. #
  • Not sure what I did with furniture will work. Benefit of my moving may be to eliminate our excess furniture for the place problem. #
  • Augh. #

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