Twitter Updates for 2009-05-18

  • @listener42 Used to make a whole package of spaghetti just for me, eat it in 3 sittings. Similar other stuff. Can do even better though. #
  • Val seems to have decided Sadie’s name is Rory, or something that sounds like it. And she likes the full version of her own name. #
  • Oh well. Time to get Henry off my lap and into bed. #
  • Spotty t-mobile. Service is goupbh to drive me crazy. #
  • #cotc Carnival of the Capitalists for 5/18/09: #
  • @MaddyPumilia You just seem older! #
  • @ScottAllen @DuvalRyda Ah, guess I’m not completely addicted yet! #
  • Weird waking up with Deb gone… and well after 8 AM, though sleep wasn’t entirely sound so not effectively as long as could be. #
  • The Stripping Down Test – – You Are Observant in Life #blogthings #
  • How Do You Think? – – You Think Concretely #blogthings (True! I do sometimes feel like there’s concrete in there.) #
  • I hate when 3 of 4 answers on a silly quiz all apply. #
  • #tdg 1) Table 2) Sweep K 3) Mop K 4) Fridge 5) Dishes 6) Clean L 7) Buy TP&PT 8) Verify Files 9) Start kid PC project #
  • What Bathroom Product Are You? – – You Are Shampoo #blogthings #
  • @jsbelfiore Nope, it won’t. I’ve thought that since I first wrote about real estate being a dangerous bubble in IIRC 2003. #
  • @FroynLaven ROFL! That is awesome! You could probably make a real quiz of “what server are you” if you wanted. #
  • I’d intended to use making a quiz as the goal for helping me learn PHP, beyond the tiny bit I picked up modifying stock contact form. #
  • #tdg Done 4/9 Plus bonus sweep & mop bathroom. #7 Done via Deb buying the stuff instead. Really just four to go. #
  • Kids could probably use food, at least. On hold until floor dries. New mop leaves it even wetter than old. #
  • Could start living room purge, at least. #
  • Feel like I touched on my inner Acidman, using the phrase “anal rape by judicial decree.” Or perhaps my inner @Velociman at least. #
  • Tend kids then either more cleaning or CotC tweets accumulated so far. #

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