Twitter Updates for 2009-05-17

  • Time to go to bed before I fall asleep here and/or kids melt down. I think CotC is over 60 entries for the week. Oops. #
  • I seem to have become a bit more capable of sleeping on my days off. Yay for that! #
  • @the_night_queen Happy birthday! Yesterday, then? Or today? #
  • @GautamGhosh Oops. was in the CotC Twitter account when I replied. Job hunting? I did long ago, but it’s a sore spot. It can be useful IMHO. #
  • Caught up CotC, will be breeze to finalize tonight. Need to do a few minutes web work & a bill. Run dishwasher. Computer work. Cleaning. #
  • This calls for more coffee! #
  • @pixxiespaz I don’t generally use much ginger on chicken. That sounds good! Mine is usually garlic, rosemary, other herbs, salt, pepper. #
  • Definitely need to have a different computer as my primary, if it’s this hard to find stuff like, oh, client invoices from last year. #
  • This computer was put in service in 2000, not counting it was a total rebuild of late 1999 one that fried. #
  • Day went poof to some Henry nap time. Maybe I can salvage. First guess I’ll tie up CotC, pushing 70 entries I believe. #
  • Laptop/notebook will be high on my list as I reboot my life. Relatively, as I can manage without but it’s useful & I’m allegedly a tech guy. #
  • Don’t think I can get in trouble for mentioning goal of moving from here to my own place in about (or before) 2 months. #
  • It’s going to be odd, cooking for one, but be interesting to apply what I’ve learned that I thought would have been helpful when single. #
  • I’ll need to tie up medical stuff before then, as no telling when I will have coverage, Romney’s poison legacy penalties notwithstanding. #

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