Twitter Updates for 2009-05-16

  • Really need sleep. Hope I catch up this weekend. #
  • @sharone75 Cool! It’s the right kind of area for them, so makes sense. #
  • @Pistachio Late December back in ’63? #
  • Remarkably, everyone is still asleep, apparently in their own beds. As opposed to migrating in with their mother, rendering her less so. #
  • Looked up renewal of primary hosting vs semiannual ad revenue timing. A week apart in the right order! #
  • Pretty picture of my General Gao’s turkey meatballs: #
  • Gearing up to take kids on grandpa visit and/or trip to playground. #
  • Trying to stay awake in the meantime! Can’t believe I’m this prone to just dozing off. #
  • Good visit with grandparents. #
  • @MikeG1 No wonder people are agitating for him to resign. Hadn’t been paying attention to details. #
  • Kids got two Enterprises and a Kelvin in their kid meals from BK! Sadie wanted a guy not a ship. Then she wanted Kelvin, not Enterprise. #
  • Enterprise zooms. Kelvin says “red alert!” She finds that more appealing. #

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