Twitter Updates for 2009-05-15

  • Well holy crap. 18.7 hours last week and my 2nd or 3rd biggest check here ever. Tomorrow would have to be 5 hrs to match it. #
  • Funny to learn management thought I was awesome the other day from the manager who was on vacation, relating what she’d been told. #
  • @OneFineJay I believe they did a blog post about it, and there’s a technical/resource issue involved. #
  • @OneFineJay Here it is: #
  • Ended up not driving Deb to Boston, and she decided not to use T, just drive herself, do some stuff nearby after appointment. #
  • Need to feed kids, clean stuff, get Sadie set with working computer, see about a 2nd/3rd kid computer, fix their desk, etc etc. #
  • Setting kids up with computers helps clean out this room, so bonus. Need to work on my other computer, too. And invoice for web work. #
  • @jsbelfiore Or at least the schools and their associated teachers. #
  • @Shurakai Thoughts on best parts/combo of parts for good machine for Gary? #
  • @Shurakai Not really an object, though assumption is something decent circa $500 sans monitor. #
  • The guys in Shocking Blue in video of Venus look like kids to me. Not like they’re Light of Doom, but still… I’m apparently old. #
  • @Shurakai Whatever you do, don’t combine fast food + sedentary job + beta blockers. #
  • Augh. Forgot my blood pressure pills this morning! I might have energy at work tomorrow. Dreadful. #
  • Apparently I am in scheming mode. Shades of, say, when I was pondering CotC originally. Much has background processed long term. #
  • Driven partly by fear of lack of work forthcoming, partly by needing all the spare $ I can get even if so, partly by curtailed options. #
  • Ad potential on most of my sites is tapped & not under my control (per se – I can always direly remove/refuse). Alternatives are required. #
  • Apparently cleaning is good for the creative thinking juices. I should remember that. #

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