Twitter Updates for 2009-05-13

  • RT @nytimesscience Nicks Discovered on Space Shuttle Atlantis Me: what a departure from her Fleetwood Mac days. #
  • Odd, the spot where I had mole removed has gradually started hurting regularly, even though it’s all healed. #
  • Henry finally slept, but kicked me out of bed. #
  • Alarm goes off in 3 hours, 53 mins, so gyess I’d better lat down in here and try again. #
  • A three hour sleep. Not enough. Now have Gilligan’s Island tune in head. #
  • I rock. And on 3 hours sleep. #
  • Did some good thinking about goals while I unloaded 2.5 trailers. Still have to collect thoughts more before tomorrow morning, but progress. #
  • Think this AM I was affected by what I call the Hypertensive Energy Cycle. Forgot to take pills yesterday. #
  • RT @robmay government’s decision to subordinate Chrysler secured creditors to junior creditors is one of the worst decisions in US history #
  • @robmay Why yes, yes it is. Huge CotC fodder this week. #
  • WTF? Just read about #fixreplies and the change makes zero sense. If I didn’t want to see all, I’d not turn that setting on. #
  • @abigvictory They really make a hash of things. #
  • Torn over idea of taking kids to bank with me, maybe store, leaving Deb sleeping and in quieter environment. Really didn’t want to, but… #
  • I don’t foresee another way they will get out of the house, even for a ride in the car, on what seems to be a super nice day. #
  • Kids aren’t going to stand for being left home, so basically off we go. #
  • Hey look, a hole in my jaw! #
  • @BeantownSports So did you like it? #
  • Now if the site of former tooth would stop bleeding, I’d be all set. Deb is on way to get my prescriptions filled. As numbness fades, ouch! #
  • Besides vicodin and antibiotics, Deb will bring back BK for kids so I don’t have to worry about it, given my lack of desire/ability to eat. #

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