Twitter Updates for 2009-05-11

  • @sharone75 Sent e-mail to home address RE babysitting Friday. Can forward the CC that automatically goes to me so you actually see it. #
  • @sharone75 That is, was on Blackberry at the time, thus the auto CC setting. #
  • Realized I didn’t finalize CotC so gotta do that while kids chill. 2 of them napped an lot at grandma’s after playing hard outside. #
  • Had to tie that up fast and may have missed an entry. Henry is frantic to go to bed. I’m sleepy myself. #
  • Finis #
  • #cotc Carnival of the Capitalists for 5/11/09: #
  • Transitioning. #
  • @La_Shawn But it’s awesome! That’s like saying nobofy but Gene Wilder could ever be Willy Wonka. Oh wait, many did… #
  • If I hurry I could go to bank sans kids, but probably not store. Decisions… #
  • Tweets from my cell should now go to the marshellis account. #
  • @sharone75 For an indefinite period, at least, yes. Just didn’t want to be impetuous and delete it. #
  • Finally having success booting Ubuntu CD and recovering filed from “dead” laptop drive. E-mailing them too slow. Going to try FTP now. #
  • Boss sounded unamused about the 3 days I need to leave at 7 in 2 weeks when wife covers manager’s vacation. #
  • May have just been because I interrupted his flow of calls telling us come in early tomorrow. Only 15 mins, but not unexpected. #
  • @nemasket Heh. At least it was XP, but… the Home edition. #
  • @FroynLaven Um… yeah. I know command prompt http://FTP. Took me a long time to be used to GUI clients. #
  • @FroynLaven Though I didn’t know “prompt” to turn that off, cool. #
  • @sharone75 It was ever so. #
  • @cehwiedel Totally agree with your review. #
  • @sharone75 A juicer? Someone going on a health kick? #
  • @EternalWanderer Adults sometimes remember being young, or relate to what kids face. Surprise! Not that you’re a “kid” but you know… #
  • @EternalWanderer Psych was one of my best classes. IIRC it was the only one I had an A+ in, as most of time there they didn’t do +/- grades. #
  • @EternalWanderer Would have had A+ in Accounting 1, probably Cost Accounting, and Marketing, maybe another 1-2. But I’m an “A or F” student. #
  • I’d forgotten the significance of the pictures on this client’s laptop with damaged drive: They had a baby last spring. No backups. #
  • They’ll be on at least one computer here indefinitely, restored to that one ultimately, on DVD, etc. #
  • Not my most inspired burrito fixings ever, but Val declared the meat tasty when she asked to sample it from then pan. About ready. #

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