Twitter Updates for 2009-05-10

  • Time for bed, objections aside, before I fall asleep on my feet. At least got dishes well done, counter & stove clean. Rest has to wait. #
  • Back hurts & train yard too noisy to get back to sleep just yet. Henry restless. Val’s been up repeatedly looking for mom. #
  • @EternalWanderer One of the maddest I ever made Deb, when I still sometimes talked back, was comparing her to Lynn. Still Stoughton then. #
  • @EternalWanderer She has pretty much exactly the same negativity and martyr complex. Never understood how someone can live with that. #
  • @EternalWanderer Unlike my father, she probably didn’t work out what was going on in background. Common as I’m learning it is, most wouldn’t #
  • Back hurts from bed. Now head/tooth starting to act up, feeling tense. #
  • Kids were restless but Henry went back to sleep not-with-me after a dry diaper. He was pushing me out of bed, making me sleep funny. #
  • Sleepy now. Maybe floor will work well. #
  • Just got up! And made kids drinks, but still, when she woke me Deb said it was 8:00 so I must have just been up 3 minutes. #
  • It was broken, but not sure when I last got 9+ hours of sleep in a night. Lately 3-4 has been normal. Sleep deprivation is bad. #
  • Conversely, between arriving home at almost 3:30 and when she woke me at almost 8, Deb says she got 20 minutes. Hyperbolic, but still small. #
  • Feels like my pain drugs just realized I was up and it had been several hours so they should wear off. Or stressing. Or both. #
  • They other morning at work all I had to do to make the pain flare was think of Mike having been here with her. So much for easy with it. #
  • Wondering if among other changes Deb has now decided mother’s day matters and I’ll be remiss in not observing it for the first time. #
  • She’s changed her food oddnesses, where she will go to eat, her perception of and willingness to drive around here, etc. #
  • Getting us ready to go see my mother. Kids in tub soaking off blueberry applesauce and crackers with honey. #
  • OMG! I wonder if mom would keep the kids a couple hours while I go see Trek today… #
  • We’re actually ready to get ready, early. Hoping kids have enough clothes that aren’t in room where Deb is getting her lost sleep. #
  • Think I am having eyestrain issues. Looking at computer is giving me the headaches.stress feeling that’s centered on eye as well as tooth. #
  • Annoying not to be able to see the text in a clasified ad. Perusing Sunday paper. #
  • Was working up to discussing stuff with mom when my brother arrived. #
  • @sharone75 think my mom is able if you can’t buy thought you might be handier and might enjoy a turn. #
  • Star Trek was impressive. Also mom now knows our status if not every detail ever. #
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