Twitter Updates for 2009-05-09

  • @Shurakai Hey, at least it was scheduled maintenance announced well ahead. #
  • Argh. Time for bed. #
  • Didn’t make coffee after Mike and bladder woke me before alarm, as it hurts tooth so bad I want to die. Soda’s not much better. #
  • Restless as kids had been since about 11 PM, if Mike talking got my attention, may have gotten theirs too. #
  • Time to get moving more toward ready for work. Maybe I’ll make coffee anyway. #
  • Having trouble untensing enough for tooth/headache to stop. I can feel it in neck & shoulders, like where tendons go up. #
  • Managed a coffee, with ice cubes, but every time I think about relationship stuff I get so tense pain meter pegs. #
  • 7 full trailers no wonder we needed to start early. Good shift though. I rocked big time. #
  • My tooth subsided during work, flared as I was leaving, is worse if I sit at computer than not, is fine if I swish water through it. #
  • Tooth now hurts to touch lightly with tongue or whatever, as well as in response to cold air or liquid, and hot liquid or food most of all. #
  • We were leading indicators: #
  • @Shurakai I e-mailed Middleboro Family Dental yesterday. No reply yet. Wasn’t expecting it to go insane today. Or more so, anyway. #
  • Could You Cheat on Someone? – – You Couldn’t and Wouldn’t Cheat on Someone #blogthings #
  • Going to get gas for Deb & check tire as it looks low again. New tire was all but flat the other day. She had $ but not opportunity. #
  • Knock wood the tooth seems to have calmed, not all the way, but enough. And it’s now been long enough since drugs I can take more! #
  • @Shurakai That’s part of what I meant by nuance when I posted the blog version. #
  • Thinking about goals, life and therapeutic, which ultimately comes to the same thing. #
  • Simultaneously firing up Ubuntu from CD for t-shooting and figuring out supper/late late lunch. #
  • Got invited to my mother’s for cookout variety dinner tomorrow, which is scheduled to be a nice day. That’ll pretty much make it The Day. #
  • On which I tell her what’s going on, that is. #
  • Was going to say it’d be amusing if she knew his family, but already asked a while back without telling her why. #
  • Sad, because I have hours upon hours of work to do, can barely stay awake and feel awful, and really want to type stuff while “home alone.” #
  • Well, one post completed, at least. #
  • @EternalWanderer Is he back down without telling me, or just phone? Anyway, figured he’d slip or assume she knew or figure she should. #
  • @Shurakai Yeah, assuming mom didn’t know from Mike or Kim, she’ll know from Lynn. Not sure she’d actually have intuited anything. #
  • @Shurakai Had the impression starting in past couple weeks that maybe she was aware, if not big on details. #
  • @EternalWanderer So how did your mother take it? #
  • @Shurakai Amused to see Alicia in there as her nickname of Bella. #
  • @Shurakai It’s clunky for adding data. It makes no assumptions or autocompletes, the tab order is a bit off, and editing cues are missing. #
  • Chicken should be thawed. Sadie wanted Alfredo as opposed to fried. Need to put in laundry. Ubuntu hung on 1st boot, now scanning drive. #
  • Laundry! She asked me nicely to throw in some wet stuff before it gets gruesome. Need to do that soon. #
  • @Shurakai Well, I can fill in mass amounts if I want to take the time. #
  • I think I goofed and had Ubuntu do disk scan in way that did its own CD boot, not HD. It found nothing wrong. #
  • Oddly, if I let Ubuntu CD boot whatever it does by default, it hangs on power management setup. #
  • @pixxiespaz Don’t hate only family tree? #
  • Need to make less elaborate meals and save myself cleanup. #

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