Twitter Updates for 2009-05-08

  • So shorthanded wAs late day again and I did incompatibles as guy in charge of them all night. #
  • Swinging into store for spy milk so we sent out and maybe a few bucks gas for my extra driving. #
  • Sadly not sure I even have 10 to put in tank. #
  • Gas skyrocketednu see #
  • @cehwiedel Soy milk! The same keystroke is both on Blackberry and I keep missing that it defaults to the p. Youngest is allergic to dairy. #
  • @cehwiedel I paid $2.09 this AM at one of the 2 places price warring that several days ago were $1.91. Thought $2.15 signs were outliers. #
  • @cehwiedel Probably average would be more like the $2.15 now, given that, but haven’t watched price signs closely lately. #
  • Amused that offers of places to crash with people are all out of state. Especially amused one option is Oregon, near her parents. #
  • Got call that our start time tomorrow is 3:00 instead of 3:45. Smart. We keep running late and are shorthanded. #
  • Last week I had more time than I thought, along with raise, and this week’s bigger. Not enough extra to pay $120 insurance + cell, but… #
  • @cehwiedel Besides dairy, he’s bad bad egg allergy. Tested for peanuts though we’d seen no sign. Reacts to bananas but not official OAS. #
  • Wonder if I should be trying to start anything for supper now. Not sure what I am making. #
  • @jstrevino Like Star Trek, you did? #
  • @seanhackbarth As I always say, Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie. #

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