Twitter Updates for 2009-05-07

  • It’s like sitting & looking at computer tensed me back up. Had headache almost gone after shower. #
  • Last minute before work is not time to find a site is down/has hosting weirdness. #
  • For some reason I could have slept like a rock all night. Can’t make that much difference having no kids in room with me. #
  • Holy crap another whacky late morning in part from rain. Moms day flowers no help. Mainly sorted home delivery stuff not unload. #
  • Seems wrong to have an 11 AM appointment feel like I have to rush to make it. #
  • Odd. The addon domain that stopped working had somehow gotten set as a parked domain. #
  • Coffee, breakfast, shower! And tend the kids slightly. #
  • Waiting for my appointment.bgpoing a lot of talking relaxes me. Tooth head pain is stress mixed. #
  • That was interesting. Wasn’t expecting to describe most of my work history to counselor today. It’s home of my self esteem though. #
  • Which see current status and past 5 years. #
  • bgpoing? That would be *hoping” silly Blackberry. I actually used 60 of my 50 minutes and made her late for next appointment, talked blue. #
  • You know, being happiest when I am busy would fit high school being boring & my issues then. Not quite same, including the appreciated part. #
  • Deb actually suggested I go see Wolverine NOW. It’s playing 13 minutes away in 34 minutes, so that could work. #
  • I hate what Twitter has done to make focus change. You have to wait for it to be done all its gyrations, THEN click the textbox and type. #
  • I had no idea matinee at clossy theater to me was still low price, 6.50 not 8 or more. #
  • The ad company doesn’t actually notify us when some of the ads cancel. In this case I am learning about one of them almost a month later. #
  • Loved Wolverine, BTW. Stayed long enough to see both snippets in/after the credits. #
  • Back to having flashback, doing more cross-country VB support for one of my former VB support colleagues. #
  • It shocks me what I just remember off the top of my head having not so much as fired up VB accidentally in months, or seriously in years. #
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